Manufacturer of LV-MV panels, batteries for industrial chargers, consultant, designer, and executor of industrial automation projects

About Us

About us

Tamin Electric Niroo Sama, by using the technical knowledge of experienced engineers and considering the standards based on engineering and electrical drawings operates in the field of design, construction, assembly, cabling, installation, and maintenance of low and medium voltage switchboards and panels (LV-MV), Rittal design, piano design, in-wall and on-wall boards to control electrical equipment and production lines.

We believe in bringing a spirit of excellence to everything we do. Quality is a fundamental factor in the continued success of our business. Our concept of quality, knowledge and effective service is our first and foremost objective in every respect.

This company is ready to provide services to all industrial centers of the country, observing the principles and rules of engineering based on international standards and offering quality panels.

Our engineering services are offered by a team of highly trained professionals who meet the highest quality standards while ensuring a high level of care and attention to detail that our clients expect.

The company has succeeded in obtaining ISO 9001 certification, which reflects the basics of the quality management system in the company.