Manufacturer of LV-MV panels, batteries for industrial chargers, consultant, designer, and executor of industrial automation projects

Manufacturing Process

Panel Manufacturing Process

Step 1
Receive the order
Step 2
Preparation of electrical map by Eplan software
Step 3
Preparation of scheme by AutoCAD electrical software according to the project location conditions
Step 4
Preparation of Part List and technical code of parts for purchasing goods
Step 5
Preparation of mechanical drawing by AutoCAD software to construct a metal frame
Step 6
Construction of metal frame according to the mechanical map
Step 7
Electrostatic washing and painting the panel frame
Step 8
Mechanical assembly of panel
Step 9
Electrical assembly of the panel and wiring per the electrical map
Step 10
Attaching the pantograph label of the parts and technical specifications of the panel
Step 11
Performance test and voltage test and check the correct performance of components (QC)
Step 12