Manufacturer of LV-MV panels, batteries for industrial chargers, consultant, designer, and executor of industrial automation projects


Engineering Services

This technical engineering company was established to serve the country's electricity industry and is known for certified quality. We offer a range of specialized engineering services primarily to clients in the electrical power and infrastructure sectors. That is why our entire product line complies with the most stringent quality and technical standards. With several years of experience and in the electricity industry, considering the technical knowledge and well-trained staff and Hi-Tech Manufacturing Facilities, is producing types of power and control distribution panels, using busbar and cabling of all types of electrical panels, are currently active in the following sectors:
Manufacture of low voltage and medium voltage panels
Low Voltage & Medium Voltage (LV-MV)
Manufacture of distribution panels up to 4000 amps
Main Distribution Panel (MDP)
Manufacture of motor control panels
(MCC) Motor Control Center Panel
Manufacture of capacitor bank panels
(APFC) Automatic Power Factor Control Panel
Manufacture of city emergency electrical panels and generators
(ATS) Automatic Transfer Switch Panel
Manufacture of industrial automation panels
(PLC) Programmable Logic Controller Panel
Manufacture of Rittal boards with a high degree of protection
Rittal - Junction Boxes Panel (JB)
Manufacture of all-thyristor industrial battery charger
(B.CH) Industrial Battery Chargers Panels
Manufacture of starter and rmp control panels
Inverter & Soft starter
Manufacture of building intelligent management panels
(BMS) Building Management System Panel
Consulting, design, and implementation of industrial automation projects
Execution of electrical installations project